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The Business Owner’s Challenge – The Employee Retirement Plan

With Mappa Wealth Management as Your Partner,
 It’s Easier and Cost Effective

Retaining and Attracting the Best Employees

You understand the huge benefits of attracting and retaining quality employees.    According to a CNBC small business survey, 52% of small businesses report that offering a retirement plan helps them attract the right employee. Today, when retirement may last for many years, offering a 401(k) retirement plan is a critical component of any small business initiative.

The Right 401(k) Plan for Your Company

If you currently offer a 401(k) to your employees, does it meet all of your and their, expectations?  Ask yourself these questions: 

• As the plan sponsor, do you understand the plan and the fees you and your employees are paying?

• Are you getting the help and advice you need to plan for retirement?

• Do the investments offered in your plan allow your employees to properly diversify their assets to help reach their retirement goals?

• Do your employees have the financial knowledge and education to create a retirement plan?

• Do your employees truly understand the 401(k) plan you offer?  Is lack of knowledge contributing to low participation?

If you answered NO to any of these questions . . . Mappa Wealth Management can turn them into a YES.  

For employees
• Ongoing financial education for your employees
• Advice employees need to help choose the right investments for their retirement goals
• Financial consulting for all aspects of their financial life

For the business owner
• Personalized planning and advice for your retirement
• A cost effective retirement plan
• Making sure you completely understand the plan’s features and benefits
• Complete transparency 

Experience, Knowledge, Personal Service, and Cost Effectiveness Make Mappa Wealth Management a True Partner for Your Business

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