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What services do we offer?
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Are we fiduciaries?
A fiduciary is someone who has an obligation to act in your best interest. The financial advisors at Mappa Wealth Management pride themselves in being true fiduciaries.

How do we make money?
We are compensated in various ways. This may consist of Advisory fees (% of AUM or Assets Under Management), commissions, and/or Financial Planning fees (annual, monthly, hourly). Your financial advisor will explain in detail how they are compensated for their services before anything is implemented.

Do we have a minimum?
We do not have a minimum. Our philosophy is to work with clients who see the benefit of working with a financial advisor. If you want the advice, we are here to help, regardless of your account size.

How often do we meet with clients?
In general, we meet with clients 2-4 times a year. However, we don’t have any limitations on how often a client would like to meet.

Can we work with clients in other states?
Yes. We are licensed in many states and the states we are not currently licensed in, it is very easy to get licensed in.

Who is our broker dealer?
Woodbury Financial Services is a Broker Dealer firm owned by Advisor Group Holdings, Inc. Your financial professional is affiliated with Woodbury Financial Services. Woodbury is regulated by FINRA and the SEC. Woodbury’s mission is to help your financial professional serve your financial needs by providing them with tools and resources to manage your account and develop appropriate investment solutions based on your goals.

What other professionals complement our financial services?
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How do I schedule an appointment with a Mappa Wealth Management Financial Advisor?
Please contact Tanya Widner at or 847-262-3032