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Retirement Planning

The rules for retirement have changed over the last two decades. As a population we are all living longer. That means we have to look at not just saving and investing for retirement but how we make our retirement savings and investments last a lot longer. In addition we have to address the potential cost of long-term care expenses as well. 

The goal is not to outlive your retirement income.  

  • According to the Social Security Administration a man who was 65 years old in 2015 can expect to live until age 84 and a woman till age 86.
  • The investment and tax strategies used to accumulate wealth for retirement are different than those used to distribute wealth in retirement.
  • Living longer means you increase of potential costly out-of-pocket medical or long-term care expenses. The question is will you be able to absorb those potential expenses without jeopardizing your retirement income?
  • Are you thinking in terms of “rate of return”or “cash flow”? You should be thinking cash flow, not rate of return because you can’t spend rate of return.

We’re your partner to help you navigate through these financial and life decisions

We help keep you on track to reach your retirement goals by helping you focus on:

  • The appropriate amount of risk to take
  • The right asset allocation strateg
  • Maximizing your available options to save an invest
  • Creating your ideal retirement plan
  • Risk exposure as you get closer to retirement. What should you look for ten years from retirement? What about five years away?
  • Making sure your cash flow strategies will still work for your retirement.

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